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Archived Curators Page - FY16

Our curator is starting
her third year at our Museum. Dr. Sardar
is announcing exhibition dates, changes to
galleries. She is also involved with rotations in the Art of
East Asia galleries until a new East Asian Curator is selected.

Dr. Marika Sardar

Associate Curator of
Southern Asian and Islamic Arts

Marika at Pan Gongkai Reception, 2015

Web Stop

Director's wife at the exhibit entrance

While Art Stops are now only once a month on the days the Museum is free to San Diegans, Marika thinks quarterly Web Stops online can continue. Her first Web Stop shows us her incredible exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Click to see the exhibition galleries at the Met and/or click to listen to the audio tour. Click to hear Marika's Symposium presentation for the Deccan exhibition at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, May 11-12, 2015. Marika spoke on Golconda architecture (day 2, session 1, 29:18).

Marika and her husband at the opening

Exhibition at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art

April 14 - July 26, 2015: Sultans of Deccan India, 1500-1700: Opulence and Fantasy

This exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was the first to concentrate on the Deccan region and the five great sultanates that ruled there in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Detail of Kalamkari hanging, ca 1640-50.
Kalamkari Hanging, detail, Golconda region of Coromandel Coast, ca. 1640–50. Mordant-painted and -dyed and resist-dyed plain-weave cotton; cat. 163, pg. 274, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Mrs. Albert Blum, 1920 (20.79)

A labor of love for me, this exhibition was nearly ten years in the making and was able to gather together outstanding works of art from collections around the world (over 60 lenders participated). Five great paintings from the Binney collection of the San Diego Museum of Art were featured in the show.

Binney at the Met - Beauty with Bird 1990.489
Five paintings from Edwin Binney 3rd Collection were featured in the exhibition, plus one more in the catalog, clockwise: A Beauty at a Window with a Bird, Golconda, ca. 1675, 1990.489, catalog pg.296 Ibrahim Adil Shah, The Sultan, ca. 1620, 1990.440 The noble Ikhlas Khan with a petition, ca. 1650, 1990.442 A Young Prince in a Family Setting, ca. 1600, 1990.459 Sultan 'Abu'l Hasan Qutb Shah Standing, ca. 1675, 1990.491 A Dervish, Seated in Contemplation, ca. 1650, 1990.445