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Archived Curators Page - FY14 - FY15

Dr. Marika Sardar

Associate Curator of
Southern Asian and Islamic Arts

Marika at Heritage Luncheon, 2013


Our curator has been with the Museum for a year, and we want to know what interests her and how we can help. We also want to give her a forum because she hopes many will find out what’s new and interesting and visit the Museum often! Dr. Sardar is also involved with rotations in the Art of East Asia galleries.

Curator’s Web Stop

ArtStop Thursday, November 6, 2014
Topic: Lacquerware from Iran
Lacquer box from Iran

Pen box with grisaille birds and flowers, Signed by Fathullah Shirazi, Iran, 1840-41. Papier-maché; painted and lacquered.

ArtStop August 28, 2014
Shri Devi, India, Tamil Nadu, Bronze, 11th century owned by the San Diego Museum of Art, 2004.3
Shri Devi, India, Tamil Nadu, Bronze, 11th century, Museum accession number 2004.3.

Four to six times a year, Dr. Marika Sardar presents Museum objects to the public in an ArtStop. Dr. Sardar’s last ArtStop was August 28th at noon. The topic was the Female Figure in Indian Art.

An AAC member, Dr. Laurel Holloway, had the original idea for Curator’s Web Stops four years ago. Finally, we can all know what the Curator is researching.

Previous Curator’s Web Stop
ArtStop July15, 2014

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Persian Ceramic bowl owned by the San Diego Museum of Art, 1971.72
Bowl with Bird Design, Iran, Nishapur, 10th century, Gift of Edwin Binney, 3rd, 1971.72.