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Study Group - FY 2019 Archive

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The Study Group provides a learning opportunity for those who would like to deepen their knowledge of the many facets of Asian art.  Each year when a new subject for study is chosen, members choose a topic to study in depth, present it to the group and learn from all the other members’ presentations.  It is a stimulating and enjoyable way to learn and make new friends in a small group.

The theme for the year is Interactions with Asian Art: Mutual Influences and Curious Connections. We meet at 10:00 a.m. in the Museum Boardroom on the third Monday of September and October and March through June. January and February meeting dates are on the second Monday of those months due to the Museum closure for national holidays.

Click here for suggested topics for FY19: Interactions with Asian Art:
Mutual Influences and Curious Connections

2018-2019 Study Group Presentations

Interactions with Asian Art:
Mutual Influences and Curious Connections

Sept. 17  Can one identify Chinese and Japanese art by similarities and differences? Lily Birmingham
   The Influence of Hinduism on Thailand Margaret Zoehrer
Oct. 15 Pigments & Techniques used in Cave Paintings Joyce Johnson
   Making Paintings like Japanese Prints": What Vincent Van Gogh Learned from Japanese Woodblock Prints Hilda Yoder
Nov 19   Tour of a Local Japanese Garden & Pot Luck Lunch Doreen "Deenie" Redmile
Feb. 11 Asian Symbols Chia-hui Shih
  Researching Asia & Research Results Will Tuchrello & Anita Tuchrello
Mar. 18 CHINOISERIE: Chinese Motifs and Italy’s Fascination, 16th-18th c. Barbara Hollowell
  Han Dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE): Foundation of Imperial China Marilyn Adams
April 15 Dragons: Myth and Reality Courtenay McGowen
  Chinese Art Influenced by the Yellow River (cradle of Chinese civilization) Lily Birmingham
May 20

Virtual Realities: Extreme Illusionism in Qing Court Painting

Elaine Pierce
  FY 20 Theme presentation & Topic assignments: We have decided to take an in-depth look at Asian ceramics from Ancient China to Modern Japan; as well as the influences on The Middle East and European manufacturing  
June 17 Korean Chests & Pot Luck Year End Get Together Sandi Calabough